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How To Find Workers Comp Lawyers Near Me: The BIG-4?


Looking for workers comp lawyers near me?  Are you located in the Central Valley or somewhere in California?  My name is Ka’ren Ketendjian. I represent injured workers in San Joaquin Valley for over 25 years. Together with my clients I have won many cases and settled as many and more. Today I will talk about the BIG FOUR in workers compensation:Workers Comp Lawyers Near Me


First of Workers Comp Lawyers Near Me BIG-4: Temporary Disability

When you get injured and the claim is accepted, you either work light duty or receive TEMPORARY DISABILITY benefits in lieu of the loss of wages, which is usually two thirds of your salary with some exceptions.

#2: Permanent Disability

After you doctor discharged you from care, the doctor will determine your disability or impairment levels. Those are measured in percentages and give a rise to PERMANENT DISABILITY BENEFITS. Permanent is a term of art, it does not mean for life. It means you have permanent limitations, restrictions or impairment from your injury while performing your job functions. This is your real disability level from 0 to 100.

#3: Medical Treatment

MEDICAL TREATMENT IS THE ESSENTIAL BENEFIT. It will start with your claim and continue as long as your claim is active. You may settle this benefit in a lump sum or choose to have it for life. You may change your doctors on reasonable basis as provided by law. You have a right to contest the doctor’s opinion by resorting to expert medical-legal opinions of other qualified doctors.

#4: Job Training

When your levels of disability are determined it is the time to start VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION, your job training. Job specialists are available to guide you in your job search, schooling and transfer of skills. The state mandates that a certain sum should be allocated for this purpose to cover your tuition, tool and other training expenses.

We, as your attorneys, are here to guide you through the BIG FOUR at every step of the way. We deal with your employer’s insurance company and their attorneys and see to it that every single BIG out of the FOUR is provided to you at the right value and measure.

Are you looking for a “workers comp lawyers near me”, and located in the Central Valley or surrounding areas in California?  Please do not hesitate to contact us for your one hour free consultation by calling us at: 559-222-8090.  Thank you for your attention.