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Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney in Fresno for County Workers: Specialized Mediation & Arbitration Services

The Hidden Power of Mediation: Fresno’s Secret Weapon for Workers’ Comp Cases

Experienced Workers' Comp Attorney in Fresno for County Workers: Specialized Mediation & Arbitration Services


If you’re a California workers’ compensation attorney, you’ve probably experienced the relentless struggle of finding a dependable colleague to handle mediations and arbitrations for your clients. You know, those hardworking nurses, construction workers, county employees, and firefighters whose cases demand nothing short of excellence. Let’s dive into the world of specialized mediation and arbitration services and see how they can make your life a whole lot easier.

Here are a couple helpful resources:

  1. Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School: This article discusses the hybrid mediation-arbitration approach, known as “med-arb,” which combines the benefits of both mediation and arbitration to resolve disputes quickly. The article highlights the effectiveness of this method in getting disputes resolved efficiently while considering the concerns about confidentiality during mediation. You can read more about it here.
  2. Amaxx Workers’ Comp Blog: This blog provides a comprehensive overview of using mediation and arbitration to resolve workers’ compensation claims. It covers various aspects such as the factors determining settlement values, the selection process of mediators and arbitrators, and the cost-effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution methods. This resource is particularly useful for understanding the practical application and benefits of these methods in workers’ compensation cases. You can find more information here.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation in California

Workers’ compensation law in California is a complex beast. It’s designed to ensure that employees who get injured or sick because of their job receive adequate medical care and compensation for their losses. But navigating this legal maze is no walk in the park, especially when disputes arise. That’s where mediation and arbitration come in, providing a path to resolution that can save time, reduce stress, and achieve fair outcomes.

The Role of Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods used to settle workers’ compensation claims without going to court. Mediation involves a neutral third party helping both sides reach a voluntary agreement, while arbitration involves a neutral arbitrator making a binding decision. These processes are faster, less formal, and often less contentious than litigation, making them ideal for resolving workers’ comp disputes.

Challenges Faced by Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

As a workers’ comp attorney, you carry a heavy burden. Your clients depend on you to fight for their rights and secure their benefits, but the path to resolution is fraught with challenges.

Emotional Strain


The responsibility you feel towards your clients is immense. Their livelihoods, health, and futures rest on your shoulders, and the pressure to deliver can be overwhelming.


It’s incredibly frustrating when you can’t find a competent mediator or arbitrator who understands the intricacies of workers’ compensation law and can effectively advocate for your clients.


The constant search for a reliable colleague adds to your anxiety. What if you can’t find the right person in time? What if your client’s case suffers because of this?

Physical Strain


The process of vetting potential mediators and arbitrators, scheduling meetings, and managing communications is physically draining. It takes time and energy away from other critical aspects of your practice.


Balancing a heavy caseload while searching for external support is leading to burnout. You find yourself working long hours, often late into the night, trying to ensure every detail is covered.

The Need for Specialized Mediation and Arbitration Services

Finding the right partner for mediation and arbitration is not just a matter of convenience; it’s essential for the well-being of your clients and the success of your practice.

Benefits of Specialized Services

Specialized mediation and arbitration services bring expertise and efficiency to the table. They understand the specific challenges and nuances of workers’ compensation cases, which can make all the difference in achieving favorable outcomes.

Why Choose Farley & Ketendjian

At Farley & Ketendjian, we pride ourselves on being more than just mediators and arbitrators. We are dedicated professionals with extensive experience in workers’ compensation law. Our goal is to provide seamless, effective support that allows you to focus on your clients without the stress of handling every detail yourself.

Tailored Services for Specific Professions

Every profession has its unique challenges and needs when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. Here’s how we cater to some of the most common ones:


Nurses face unique risks and challenges in their line of work. From exposure to infectious diseases to physical injuries, their claims often require specialized knowledge and sensitivity.

Construction Workers

Construction workers deal with hazardous environments and heavy machinery daily. Their cases can be complex, involving multiple parties and intricate details.

County Workers

County employees, including officers, clerks, and engineers, have specific regulations and protections under workers’ compensation law. Understanding these nuances is crucial for effective mediation and arbitration.


Firefighters face some of the most dangerous conditions in any profession. Their claims often involve serious injuries or illnesses, requiring a thorough and compassionate approach.

Finding the Right Partner for Your Practice

Partnering with an experienced attorney for mediation and arbitration can transform your practice. Here’s what you should look for:

Trustworthy Partner

You need someone who is reliable, experienced, and capable of handling complex cases with the same level of dedication you provide.


Streamlining the process can save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your practice.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Knowing that your clients are in good hands can alleviate much of the stress and anxiety you currently experience, improving your overall work-life balance.

The Impact on Your Practice and Clients

Improved Outcomes for Clients

With specialized support, your clients are more likely to receive the compensation and care they deserve, enhancing their satisfaction and trust in your services.

Better Work-Life Balance for Attorneys

Reducing your workload and stress levels can prevent burnout and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring you’re at your best for your clients.


In essence, partnering with a seasoned attorney who specializes in mediation and arbitration can bring expertise, reliability, and peace of mind to your practice. It not only helps your clients achieve the best possible outcomes but also restores a sense of balance and control in your professional life.


  1. What makes Farley & Ketendjian different?  Farley & Ketendjian offer specialized experience in workers’ compensation law, ensuring effective and compassionate mediation and arbitration services tailored to each profession’s unique needs.  We have over 30-years of experience in workers’ compensation law here in California.
  2. How can specialized mediation and arbitration benefit my clients?  Specialized services bring expertise and efficiency, leading to faster, fairer resolutions and better overall outcomes for your clients.
  3. What should I look for in a mediation and arbitration partner?  Look for reliability, experience, and a deep understanding of workers’ compensation law. A partner who can handle complex cases with the same dedication as you is essential.
  4. How can I get started with Farley & Ketendjian?  Call us at: 559-286-7741 or contact us directly to discuss how we can support your practice and help your clients achieve the best possible outcomes.
  5. What areas do Farley & Ketendjian serve?  We serve Fresno and the surrounding counties, including Madera, Clovis, Tulare, Visalia, Merced, Modesto, Bakersfield and others, ensuring accessible and effective support for your mediation and arbitration needs.