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Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

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Ka’ren V. Ketendjian

Attorney at Law

Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

Our Workers Comp Attorney Fresno Expertise

If you experienced an Injury at your workplace, then you probably have a growing mountain of bills. To receive the maximum amount of workers compensation available to you, you will need the assistance of experienced California workers compensation lawyers.

At workers comp attorney Fresno, California offices of Farley and Ketendjian, our worker’s compensation lawyer, Mr Ka’ren Ketendjian has practiced workers compensation law in the San Joaquin Valley area for over 30 years. He also covers Stockton and Modesto areas.

He can help you seek compensation for damages such as:

  1. Treatment Management,
  2. Bi-Weekly Compensation,
  3. Disability Indemnity,
  4. Vocational Training,
  5. Employer Penalties,
  6. Safety Issues, and
  7. Death Benefits.

Find out how we can help maximize your workers compensation in California.


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Attorney Fresno, California,
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What to do after a Workplace Injury

Do you know what to do after an accident at work?
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How to Apply for Worker’s Compensation

Learn more about the steps to apply for worker’s compensation.
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Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

Workers Comp Attorney Fresno: Did you lose your Loved one to a

Workplace Accident?

Losing your spouse or relative to an on-the-job injury is devastating. Let Farley and Ketendjian help you with the legal process. We will review the deathmbenefits available to you and help you maximize the amount you can receive.

You Deserve an Experienced Workers Comp Attorney Fresno,
or in California after a workplace Injury

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Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

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Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

We will go to WC Board for you. Our Firm will not hesitate to litigate your case. Our attorney has won numerous cases from workers’s Comp judges through out California

Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

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We follow our client's interests and goals, and try to maximally benefit
their cases with our legal representation.

“I would like to give you some feedback on Mr. Ketendjian. He is an excellent lawyer. He made my case top priority, as if I was his only client that he had. When I would ask him about my concerns, about my case, he always gave me straight answers. I appreciate the time he spent on my behalf. Before we went to court, he explained what would happen and what to expect. Also, his office staff was very courteous, and when I asked to talk to him, Ka’ren always called me back. Even years after my case was won, he has taken my calls and helped me through some medical and financial issues from the worker’s comp. Thank you, Ka’ren.

- Kirk Pfeifle

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