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Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

Ka’ren V. Ketendjian

Attorney at Law

Practice Areas

Worker’s Compensation – 95%
Civil Law, Contracts, Immigration – 5%

Introducing Ka’ren Vartan Ketendjian: Your Dedicated Attorney for Over 30 Years

With a track record that spans over three decades, Ka’ren Vartan Ketendjian, is a respected attorney who takes great pride in serving the County of Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley area. What sets him apart is his background having graduated from three renowned institutions—the State University of Languages and Social Sciences of Armenia, California State University of Fresno, and San Joaquin College of Law, in Fresno, California. Through these experiences, Mr. Ketendjian has cultivated expertise in various fields.

A true scholar at heart, Mr. Ketendjian holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in English Literature and Linguistics, complemented by his Juris Doctorate Degree in Law. This diverse knowledge allows him to approach matters with a unique insight and finesse.

You can trust that Mr. Ketendjian’s devotion to the practice of law is steadfast; he is duly licensed to practice law in California, which reflects his commitment to his profession and clients.

Throughout his career, Mr. Ketendjian has demonstrated a passion, for assisting injured workers seeking justice. His specialization lies in Worker’s Compensation cases where he has effectively represented clients before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. Guided by an client-centric approach he ensures that each case receives the attention and care it deserves.

With his negotiation skills and persistent trial advocacy, Mr. Ketendjian consistently exceeds expectations by achieving results.

In addition, to his expertise in Workers Compensation, Mr. Ketendjian also possesses knowledge in areas of law such as civil law, personal injury cases, and immigration matters. This diverse legal acumen establishes him as a trusted advisor across a diverse set of domains.

At the Law Offices of Farley and Ketendjian, they embrace diversity and ensures that no language barrier hinders access to justice. The firm serves a range of communities fluently in Spanish and Armenian, making legal representation accessible and inclusive for all.

The firm’s success is built on their commitment to clients. They always provide a free first consultation to truly understand a person’s unique situation. Moreover, the firm operates on a contingency fee basis, so that a client only pays when they achieve a recovery on their behalf. Peace of mind and satisfaction are their high priorities.

By fostering collaboration and empathy, the firm lives by the motto; “We always win your case with you.” With Ka’ren Vartan Ketendjian by your side, rest assured that he will diligently pursue a case with guided precision to secure the results their clients rightfully deserve.

Choose an attorney, with an established 30 year track record of success.  Select Ka’ren Vartan Ketendjian, as your representative. Discover the impact that dedicated legal counsel can have. Set up a free consultation today. Embark, on the initial stage of safeguarding your future.

Current Employment Position

Associate Partner


San Joaquin College of Law, Fresno, California






Bar Admissions

California 1992

Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

What sets us Apart

Our firm is a mission-driven entity committed to improving, duly processing and finalizing the injured workers’ cases, helping them with their day-to-day questions, trying to get for them the best of what the law provides.
Our approach is very personal and crafted in aiding to alleviate any difficult legal circumstances that the clients
might find themselves in.

We apply our efforts and experience in various aspects of your case: initiate your claims, choose a primary doctor, appoint with the opponent medical evaluators for second opinions, procure a light duty work, arrange vocational training, have the insurance company to pay the right measure of bi-weekly compensation, determine your disability percentage, settle or try your case in front of a WC judge.

We pursue penalties, if the employer violated your safety at work or wrongfully terminated your employment. We also represent relatives in death cases. We speak various languages, such as Spanish or Armenian, and give free initial consultations.

We are not making sweeping promises or giving unjustified hopes, but realistically assess your claim, and try to make the most of it. We follow your interests and goals and try to maximally benefit your case with our legal representation. Our moto is “We always win your case with you.” Which means that we fully anticipate your cooperation and participation in every aspect of it. Let’s work together and win, that is the spirit we follow.

Bring your Pursuit of
Justice on the Right Foot

In complicated cases it is better to have a workers’ compensation attorney right away. Civil or personal injury attorneys are not equipped to help sometimes, because most law schools do not teach workers’ compensation. Therefore, hands on experience in the field and further education of an attorney helps. I have an experience in the field and have practiced workers’ compensation for over 28 years. So please do not hesitate to ask for my help at the Law Offices of Farley and Ketendjian.

For any nuanced approach or in case you are confused you need to resort to legal representation, and The Law Offices of Farley and Ketendjian are here to help you with the claim filing process. You are the judge of your circumstance. But do not delay the filing of a work comp claim, because you only have one year. After a year the employer may contest your claim as belated and barred by a statute of limitations.

Workers Compensation Attorney Fresno California

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